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I ordered this for someone who likes the idea of composting, but has no tolerance for the possible odors. Outdoor compoating is fine in the summer, but most indoor composting options produce some kind of odors. I tried bokashi composting, but the fermentation scent while not bad,was not acceptable. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never heard of this method of composting. Once we got it, we cleaned out the leftovers in the fridge and let it run. Everything went in…chicken bones, eggshells, ham chunks, noodles and veges, I turned it on and walked away. Our first batch took longer than I was expecting, but when I opened the unit, I was shoked at what I saw.(see photo) The results look like organic fertilizers. There was absolutely NO DOOR at all. Once it is done. It smells very faintly of the food that was processed. I am keeping it in a bucket and will be adding it to the soil when I do my spring plantings. I will not need to buy any organic fertilizer to enrich my soil as this produces just what I need from the scraps that I would have thrown out! It will pay for itself just from that savings alone. We are very happy with this unit and have it tucked away in a corner of the laundry room where we run it whenever the bucket is full. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to compost, but wants it simple and with no odors or mess

Tommy on January 19,2016