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I have had this Smart Cara for approximately 3 momths. I love the size of the Smart Cara, because it desn't take up a lot of counter space. In face, we have it in our utility room, so it is very handy to store bits of recycled items before were ready to recycle it. The end product of this Smart Cara is a very dry and small fraction of what you put into it, and in fact it is to drive for fertilizer. I called the manufacturer to see if it were possible to stop the cycle are in the middle where the compost was still moist and yet capable of being used as fertilizer, and was told that it could be stopped in the middle of a cycle. I stop my cycler.After about an hour and a half, and it produces very good results. If I allow it to go the full 3 to 4 hours, because it has a dryer it becomes useless as a compost. This is what the machine is designed to do. This way you can throw an of your kitchen scraps into very tiny container and dispose of them in the garbage. What I use it for is for composting and find that after an hour and a half, it serves this function as well. This is great addition to our recycling efforts. I have tried the big drums, and other recycling items, but this food cycler beats all the rest hands-down. It is small, quick, and very effective. I highly recommend this product for anyone who either 1)wants to reduct their trash,or 2) wants to use their food scraps for compost.

Lynda on January 3, 2015