SmartCara for Humanity Taking care of humans
Taking care of the environment.



Smart Processing Performance

Food waste that contains moisture is completely dehydrated and pulverized into a powder that is 1/10th of the original mass. the resulting waste is easily disposed of once a month.

Smart Energy Saving Capability

SmartCara saves energy through a revolutionary use of sensors that automatically measure food waste volume and by periodically checking dehydration levels, saving both time and energy.

Smart Deodorization

Food waste processing can create unpleasant odors. SmartCara optimally combines multiple carbon filters to eliminate foul smells.

Build-In model

The specially designed eco-connector channels odors that may come from food waste processing though the sewage system, including unpleasant odors from the drain itself.

Eco Connector

Smart Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning makes easy to maintain the dehydration chamber is easily cleaned with a push of a button.

Smart Pulverization

Dehydration chamber is coated on both the inside and outside with multiple varnishes, making the pulverization system stronger and more efficient.

Patented 3 Part
Impeller and low RPM

Solid and strong, the 3 part impeller easily crushes and pulverizes hard objects, including chicken bones Slow movements of 6-8 rotations a minutes ensures powerful, yet whisper quiet operation.

Smart Storage Performance

Smart Cara saves time, energy, and space by reducing food waste into a dry powder, allowing for the sanitary, odorless long term storage of food waste.

Hygiene and Healthy living

undisposed food at home is always a target for insects and mice which carries diseases that will harm human and contribute to a dirty environment.